Realising the Vision of a Resilient Factory

...through knowledge and assistance systems.


Prof. Dr.-Ing., Prof. e.h., MBA Carmen Constantinescu

Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing., Prof. e.h., MBA Carmen Constantinescu is project manager of the focus project and responsible for the topics Digital Manufacturing 4.0 as well as Cognitive Engineering and Production.


The Vision of a Resilient Factory

I4Production aims to realise the vision of the resilient factory through knowledge and assistance systems for intelligent decision making. The resilient factory is the next step in the development of production, where the factory always operates at optimal capacity and utilization.

Proactive production

Real-time monitoring of production performance and understanding its context enables a decisive paradigm shift in factory operations from demand-based requirements and reactive decision making to adaptability, conscious material flow and fluidity of resources: to proactive production. This new paradigm for production will be achieved by integrating powerful IoT technologies.

The overall goal of I4Produkion is to achieve a resilient production through: Scientific and technical goals: Development and characterization of cognitive digital twins in the factory. The solution to this is a learning context assistance system for resilient production and continuously integrated feedback loops on product and production level.

It should yield two main results:
First, a prototype and its validation by four demonstrators: In ARENA2036 for a robot-centered manufacturing process, in IFB for a 3D printing process made of CFRP, at Swinburne University in Australia in the field of Cognitive Twin and CFRP manufacturing and last but not least at Quickstep in Australia.

On the other hand, a strong and very close cooperation in the areas of research and teaching of the two German projects is to be established with the Australia project in the area of comprehensive digitization and optimization of technical processes towards production reliability by using the latest digitization and IoT technologies.