5G campus


State-of-the-art connectivity infrastructures for ARENA2036 projects


Johannes Koppenborg

Nokia Solutions and Networks GmbH & Co. KG

5G network

5G infrastructure

Since 2020, the 5G infrastructure provided by Nokia in ARENA2036 has been available to all project partners, enabling disruptive innovation and optimal flexibility of existing industrial use cases.

Nokia's 5G infrastructure in ARENA2036 has been available to all project partners since 2020. This infrastructure enables disruptive innovations and optimal flexibility for existing and newly developed industrial use cases. The high bandwidth and low latency of 5G allow for much more efficient data transmission than previous network standards. One significant advantage of a private 5G network is its flexibility of use. Users can scale or adapt their projects in ways that are not possible with traditional network infrastructures.

The ARENA2036 factory hall achieves radio coverage of the 4000 m² area using pico-remote radio heads that transmit data to the 5G radio interface (base band). A micro base station is installed outdoors in the ARENA2036 parking area to enable seamless handover between the indoor and outdoor radio cells. This can be used for logistics use cases. The network was upgraded to a 5G Core network, connected to a high-speed fiber optic system to provide the required bandwidth.

The private 5G network enables testing of various applications with ARENA2036 partners:

  • Collect, Connect, and Visualize: 5G allows for increased connectivity, data collection, and operational insights, leading to optimization.
  • Analyze and understand: Its higher capacities facilitate the connection and analysis of data streams from diverse assets, including IIoT devices, CCTV cameras, and AGVs.
  • 5G technology enables the Local data processing accelerates analysis and enables real-time decision-making.
  • Automation and control of physical assets, creation of digital twins of factory environments, and easy testing and implementation of new designs and layouts through digital applications.

The provision of this technology to the ARENA2036 projects presents members with a unique opportunity. Both large and small project teams, student researchers, and start-ups can fully utilize the potential of this future-proof Industry-on-Campus concept and test advanced use cases.