Hybrid intralogistics for the factory of the future



Sven Kaluza

Omron Electronics GmbH




Flexible production platform for handling and intralogistics.

Planned construction of the flexible production platform for handling and intralogistics.

Figure 1: Planned construction of the flexible production platform for handling and intralogistics.


Development of a scalable demonstrator with following research focus:

  • mixed mobile robotics fleet with shared Master Control System
  • new concepts of human-robot cooperation
  • sustainable transfer options with Karakuri system
  • 5G network for an improved data communication


Project content

The 5G MIPS platform project has been running since July 2023 and will be for at least one and a half years.

The demonstrated demonstrator is divided into four technology modules, which are connected by an overarching 5G Private Wireless Network:

  • Fleet Meetingpoint
  • Human Machine Collaboration
  • Sustainable Karakuri-Gate
  • Human Machine Collaboration


Technology modules of the demonstrator

Figure 2: Technology modules of the demonstrator.

The Fleet Meetingpoint forms the interface between warehouse and production. All vehicles driving under the NAiSE control system can park pallets with KLT boxes, whereby the integration of new driverless transport vehicles is easy to implement. A mobile manipulator (MoMa) takes over the transfer of the boxes and delivers them to a mobile robot (LD90).

In the first Human Machine Collaboration, there is a manual workstation, for example for filling/emptying boxes or for modification. The cooperation takes place without protective fences and with regard to ergonomic aspects.

The Sustainable Karakuri Gate transports the boxes mechanically without electricity by means of gravity via rope pulling systems. The handover of the boxes is triggered manually by an employee. The right pillar and the horizontal section serve as buffer storage.

In the second Human Machine Collaboration, the lifting of the boxes is triggered manually or automatically by the arm of the MoMa. Afterwards the KLT boxes can be delivered and a monitor visualizes all collected data.


Project implementation and execution

Due to its flexible design, the developed production platform introduces the possibility of adding further technology modules and solutions of the ARENA2036 members. The project is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the demonstrator is set up as described in Figure 2. In the second phase, new technologies are integrated, such as:

  • Integration of other components that transmit data via 5G (imaging, sensors, …)
  • Integration of new technologies from the ARENA2036 environment (AI gripper change)
  • Connection of drones
  • Digital engineering, digital twin