Innovation Ecosystems.


Logo of the Project EINST4INE

Dr. Ferran Giones

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science

University of Stuttgart


Partnership Network for Digital Innovation

ARENA2036 is part of EINST4INE, the "European Training Network for InduStry Digital Transformation across Innovation Ecosystems", a partnership network of the fields of Industry 4.0, digital transformation and innovation environments.

EINST4INE is a consortium of seven European academic and non-academic beneficiaries. Working in collaboration with over 15 industry partners  focusing on industrial digital transformation. The project goal is to promote the next generation of innovation ecosystems in Europe and train the managers that will leverage the opportunities of industrial digital technologies.

A Multiperspective Approach

EINST4INE aims to develop new concepts, approaches and methods in the area of digital transformation and brings together a unique group of world-leading experts in the areas of Open Innovation, Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation and Innovation Ecosystems. 

Through our work we aim to address current digital transformation research gaps by looking through the individual, organizational and ecosystem perspectives, and by undertaking a holistic analysis of various industries and innovation ecosystems. 

Emergence of Innovation Ecosystems

At ARENA2036, researchers will be examining how technologies enable innovation ecosystem emergence, mechanisms and strategies for capturing value from technology-enabled innovation ecosystems. The goal of the EINST4INE researchers affiliated with the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI) at University of Stuttgart is to decipher what are the emergence dynamics and how industrial players can benefit from repositioning their activities in the innovation ecosystems they are embedded.