Agile Innovation­hub.

Investigation of innovation and cooperation processes


Dr. Ing. Matthias Bues

Fraunhofer IAO / Universität Stuttgart IAT

Dr. Ing. Matthias Bues is Head of Visual Interactive Technologies Group and project manager of the project InnoHub.

Agile Innovationhub

New forms of cooperation and solutions

Increasing interdisciplinarity and complexity of work as well as a growing agility and flexibility require new forms of cooperation and solutions to cope with the daily innovation tasks in research and development.

The overarching project of ARENA2036

The collaborative project agile innovation hub researches and designs the cooperation at the research campus ARENA2036. To this end, it first identifies the specific needs of the projects and actors that arise from the interdisciplinary, transinstitutional and collaborative character of ARENA2036.

It is an overarching project that generates novel tools for innovation and knowledge management and thus supports and optimizes the way of collaboration in future innovation networks.

As a result, a physical, virtual and methodical meeting place for innovators is created, in which the actors can move individually and cooperatively, quickly, flexibly, and in a self-organized way. This is realized by way of three subprojects.

Three subprojects make up the project

In subproject (SP) 1 - "Cooperative Innovation Culture" new innovation methods are being developed, which are informed by cooperation and innovation patterns of ARENA2036. On the basis of these patterns, an innovation configurator will be developed, which determines and presents a functional method setting for the different projects of the research campus.

The SP 2 - "Agile Visualization Culture" investigates the semantic connection of collaboration and visualization tools and their embedding in an innovative interaction and work environment, which is an essential component for the representation of agile processes and cooperative innovation cultures. The process-related integration of the prototypes into the innovation configurator of the Agile InnovationHub supports and enables an innovative networking of actors within all research projects.

The SP 3 - "Learning-Process-Oriented Knowledge Culture" is oriented towards the changing needs of employees within inter- and transdisciplinary research projects. For this purpose, communication structures are investigated, and important knowledge assets are being identified and made accessible. The aim of this subproject is to optimize and secure communication regarding knowledge stocks across project and discipline structures as well as to scientifically analyze the benefits of these methods.

The goal of the collaborative project Agile InnovationHub is the implementation of a virtual as well as methodological and physical space to support and accelerate cooperation and innovation processes at the Research Campus ARENA2036.

"Aside from traditional structures and organizations, the research platform ARENA2036 stands for new, future-oriented forms of (cooperational) work. The culture of innovation and the unique cooperation network of ARENA2036 offers us as network partners a highly flexible and agile space for collaboration.
The diverse network partner landscape provides inspiration and courage for new things, in order to develop innovative solutions together with industry and research. Smart collaboration and visualization tools as well as human-centered innovation methods open up the opportunity for us to pursue previously unexplored paths in research and development for the mobility and production of the future."

Lisa Kurz

Research assistant and expert for knowledge transfer

Fraunhofer IAO