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Project Status Days

At the Project Status Days in autumn 2019, the four joint projects presented their current status. Project Status Days take place twice a year in ARENA2036, creating a lively exchange and inspiring transparency.

Hackathon "Car-to-X"

Ten teams of excellent students and industry specialists work 48 hours on ten pre-selected problems. The teams are accompanied by international experts from the Design Factory Global Network. The results were presented in a separate pitching event.

Diversity Day 2019

In May, the University of Stuttgart organised a Diversity Day and thus offered an insight into the possibilities that can arise from diversity.

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Expo-Day Interior2036

With Expo-Day Interior2036 a look into the future was ventured together with partners from research and industry. The guests could expect exciting exhibits, visualizations and concepts from the subject areas Morphing Interior (Reutlingen University), UX & User Interfaces (HDM), Future Interior Concepts (IAT/AIO) and Lightweight Design (CSI). In subsequent workshops, innovative project topics were jointly identified in order to turn the visions into reality.