The Administration Shell

Enabling Technology for Cyberphysical Production Systems in the Adaptable Production.


Dr. Daniel Ewert

Robert Bosch GmbH

Dr. Daniel Ewert heads the TECH area Cyberphysical Production Systems of ARENA2036 and is a research engineer with a focus on production IT at Robert-Bosch GmbH.

Cyberphysical Production Systems

The TECH-area CPPS is dedicated to researching and testing the administration shell

With the administration shell, the TECH-area CPPS takes up a key concept of the Industrie 4.0 platform, which creates the basis for a new paradigm of interoperability for all types of production systems. Since its establishment in March 2020, the TECH-area has been an active part of the interdisciplinary research in ARENA2036.

Learn about findings, results and experiences from the practical experiments of the members of the TECH-area here.

More about the TECH-area in this interview with Daniel Ewert

Past Events of the TECH-area
November 16, 2020: Showcase Administration Shell


Significance, background and potential of the administration shell for the Industry 4.0

On November 16, 2020, from 13:00-16:30, the virtual administration shell event took place with around 70 participants. Representatives of manufacturing companies, in particular SMEs, were invited to exchange information about the administration shell and the Industrie 4.0 platform. The aim of the event was to gain a deeper understanding of the administration shell concept and to classify the current status, to recognize the potential and opportunities, but also the challenges, and to discuss together how implementation can look in the various company contexts and what potential uses can be associated with it for companies.

The event was a joint measure of the Alliance Industry 4.0 Baden-Württemberg, the SME 4.0 Competence Center Stuttgart and the ARENA2036 within the framework of the Transfer Network Industry 4.0. The Transfer Network Industry 4.0 was launched by the BMWi and BMBF and is operated by the office of the Platform Industry 4.0. Documentation has been prepared for participants of the event. Anyone interested in this topic is welcome to contact Dr. Thomas Stiedl or Georg Schnauffer.

The agenda of the event can be read below:


Start: Opening of the Webex conference at 1 p.m.

1:30 p.m.: Welcome and presentation of ARENA2036 and the Transfer Network Industry 4.0.

  • Georg Schnauffer, Research Coordinator Industry 4.0, ARENA2036, together with.
  • Dr. Marc-Daniel Moessinger, head of the Alliance Industry 4.0 Baden-Württemberg and
  • Jörg Castor, Head of the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Stuttgart.

13:45: The Industrie 4.0 2030 mission statement: GAIA-X and administration shell as key innovations of the transformation.

  • Ernst Stöckl-Pukall, Head of Division "Digitalization, Industry 4.0" at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

14:00: What is the administration shell and what opportunities does it open up?

  • Kai Garrels, Head of the working group "Reference Architectures, Standards and Norms" of Plattform Industrie 4.0 and Head of Standardization and Industry Relations, Electrification Business, ABB STOTZ-KONTAKT GmbH.

14:20: The user organization "Industrial Digital Twin Association" as the supporting organization of the administration shell..

  • Dr. Christian Mosch, VDMA

14:40: The administration shell and the BMWi project Interopera.

  • Dr. Michael Hoffmeister, Digital Business, Festo SE & Co. KG

15:00: How administration shells understand each other - The project "Administration shell networked".

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Diedrich, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg

3:20 p.m.: The administration shell in ARENA2036: Applications and examples.

  • Dr. Thomas Stiedl, Head of Tech Area Cyberphysical Production Systems of ARENA2036 and Senior Expert Production-IT, Robert Bosch GmbH.
  • Manuel Fechter, Head of the joint project "Fluid Production" in ARENA2036 and Business Unit Manager Automotive, Fraunhofer IPA.
  • Open questions and answers from the participants

4:30 p.m.: End of the event


March 3rd, 2020: Kick-off meeting


Start of activities of the TECH area Cyberphysical Production Systems

After various partners have developed and tested the concept of the administration shell in different projects, they are now pooling their exchange in the CPPS TECH-area. Dr. Thomas Stiedl (Bosch) could be acquired for the management. What was initially supposed to take place with 10 participants met with great interest, so that in the end more than twice as many participants met.