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Scarlett Spiegeler Castañeda

ARENA2036 e.V.

Scarlett Spiegeler Castañeda is an engineer and passionate design thinking expert. She leads the Design Factory and ensures that the mindset is also established at ARENA2036.

Design Factory

The Learning by Doing Platform

The Design Factory Stuttgart is an open learning-by-doing platform in the ARENA2036 for industry partners and students to foster innovative potential. For this purpose, we offer unique learning formats, courses, trainings and workshops. Design Thinking with its mindset and holistic approach forms the core element for our passion to find new solution concepts together and to actively shape the future.

Design Factory Jahresrückblick 2022 (Kopie)

We are happy to look back at a successful year 2022 full of events. You are invited to recap our activities and formats for students and partners at ARENA2036 with us.

Design Factory 2022 Recap

Aim of the Design Factory Courses

The aim of the programs is to learn about new innovation methods and formats together, to recognize their benefits for daily work, and to experience the team spirit of interdisciplinary and cross-organizational teams. The collaborations also enable a change of perspective and thus help to take a new look at supposedly familiar or entirely new issues. In this way, we promote practical experience in a safe environment where trial and error, as well as the introduction of unusual ideas, are more than welcome!

Mindset – the Spirit for Innovation

The Design Factory actively promotes a hands-on mentality as well as a culture of mistakes. A healthy dose of optimism, trust and the exploration of unknown issues is essential. Participants must communicate clearly, must not shy away from gaps in knowledge and should courageously test and iterate solutions. For the team dynamic, it is crucial to want to put yourself in the other person's perspective as well as to build empathy with the stakeholders and their needs.

The Space - the Heart and Anchor Point

Since August 2021, the Design Factory has its own home in the ARENA2036. "Space" at the Design Factory stands for more than just an inspiring environment. It stands for an atmosphere where questioning, thinking differently, fun and crazy ideas are allowed. In this space, we train and live the required mindset and combine theory and practice of the Design Thinking method.


Thematically, the Design Factory is currently oriented towards the topic of sustainability, whereby this includes ecological, economic as well as social content.

Network Partners of the Design Factory Stuttgart

The Design Factory Stuttgart works closely with the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Stuttgart (eni).

Since 2021, the Design Factory has been a member of the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN). As a member of the network, the Design Factory Stuttgart is in active contact and exchange with other Design Factories worldwide.