About us

Introducing the Design Factory Stuttgart.


About the team

We are a dynamic and interdisciplinary team with different professional backgrounds and strengths. What connects us is the vision to expand the collaboration of students and industry partners as well as to strengthen the innovation potential in Stuttgart. We love teamwork and creative work and are constantly developing new formats to empower teams to collaborate. We bring a high level of communication skills and innovative methods, because the merging of creativity and innovation is outside the comfort zone

Team members of the Design Factory Stuttgart
Picture of Scarlett Spiegeler Castañeda

Scarlett Spiegeler Castañeda
Design Thinking Coach (HPI Certification)

Scarlett is team leader of the Design Factory Stuttgart and develops new formats for our partners. She studied aerospace engineering and technology management and loves to strengthen the success of teams and projects through individual workshops and coaching.



Picture of Dr. David Reichert

Dr. David Reichert

Professional Scrum Master (PSM-1)

David is Program Lead and is responsible for the semester course as well as the task force. He leads teams methodically and brings strategic ideas and concepts to the Design Factory from his work as a research coordinator.


Picture of Michael Dick

Michael Dick

Co-Project Manager of GREENESTO

Michael is responsible for project controlling and workshops of GREENESTO. Through his work as event manager of ARENA206, he always brings the right perspective of different partners and turns our requests into real projects.


Picture of David Franjicevic

David Franjičević

Student of technical cybernetics at the University of Stuttgart

David did his first student-coach training in the T3 program at the University of Stuttgart. His focus in the program was on startup coaching and independent workshop planning. He has been developing these skills further at Design Factory Stuttgart for over a year now, turning workshop ideas into feasible agendas.



Picture of Lenard Willmann

Lenard Willmann

Student of technology management at the University of Stuttgart

Lenard's studies and passion for driving innovation led him to the Design Factory Stuttgart. As a mentor, he guides various groups and handles all of our students' requests for the Makerspace.


Picture of Alina Hirschbolz

Alina Hirschbolz

Student of adult education at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg

Alina loves to do small projects independently. She is our connection to the Green Office at the University of Stuttgart and is always interested in creating education opportunities for our partners as well.



Picture of Julian Wermter

Julian Wermter

Student of philosophy at the University of Stuttgart

Julian's particular strength is his use of words, visual images and his spontaneity. He always has a new concept to do things in a different way and to bring the participants to their goal with joy and creativity, even in stressful situations.



Picture of Jule Neumann

Jule Neumann

Student of Information Design at the Stuttgart Media University

Jule studies Information Design at the Stuttgart Media University and brings a design perspective with her. She takes care of the Design Factory's marketing.



Picture of Seif Mourad

Seif Mourad

Student of environmental engineering at the University of Stuttgart

Seif has always been interested in particular ways of finding solutions. Through his participation in the semester course "Design Thinking - Innovation process in practice", this interest was strengthened. Now he supports the Design Factory team on all levels, especially through his love for organization and development.