The Art of Production.

Picture of the production arts festival, © Frank Kleinbach
© Frank Kleinbach

Dr. Clemens Ackermann

ARENA2036 e.V.



Thought Experiments at the Research Campus

Within the framework of the KulturRegion Stuttgart, the artists Nora Al-Badri and Nikolai Nelles conducted thought experiments on the research campus, reflecting upon the potentials of automation for humans.

The Art of Production

Drehmoment was the Production Art Festival as part of the KulturRegion Stuttgart, which took place from October 04-28, 2018. The project united 34 national and international artists who produced new artworks through machines, manufacturing processes, products and other resources under the common theme of production art.

ARENA2036 was one of 21 locations in the Stuttgart region for the event.

See more information about the Production Art Festival on the website of the KulturRegion Stuttgart (German only).

Video Retrospective of the Art of Production Festival (German language only)