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Asset Administration Shell for the value chain wiring harness - the VWS4LS project

"Asset Administration Shell for Wiring Harness" or "VWS4LS" is a project funded by the economic stimulus package 35c, which deals with the fundamental transformation of a central component in the automobile. The value creation in the area of the wiring harness is peppered with a large number of manual activities. The aim of the project "Asset Administration Shell for the Wiring Harness" (VWS4LS) is to implement the management shell as an interoperable digital twin for development, production and assembly of the wiring harness in the automobile. The focus is on the practical applicability in a real value chain of the automotive industry (OEM, Tier 1, 2 and 3).

Who is invited? Representatives and interested parties from all levels of the wiring harness value chain.

Why should I participate? An entire value chain from Tier 3 to OEM is represented by the project partners. Anesthetics and possible changes, can therefore be considered fully and through all perspectives.

What will I take away? Fundamental problems and possible solutions will be presented and discussed in a value chain that is challenging for digitalisation.

Organisation: The VWS4LS forum will take place virtually and the number of participants is limited.

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