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Speaker Series Round III


SCAP - Stuttgart Conference On Automotive Production (2 days)


The SCAP series addresses advances across a wide range of technologies for future automotive production environments within 5 tracks.

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In November, Speaker Series enters round three! Past speakers included: Saeed Amidi – CEO and Founder of Plug and Play, Leonardo Uriona, CEO of EKU Power Drives, Jeff Burton - Co-founder Electronic Arts, and Konrad Wenzel - CEO & Founder nFrames.

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Speaker Series Round II

What does Jeff Burton - CEO of Woodside Creek Ventures, Co-founder of Electronic Arts (EA) and Konrad Wenzel - CEO and founder of nFrames in common?
They both joined in our virtual speaker series on July 6th!


Project Status Days Summer 2020

Everything is the same but different
Due to the current situation we held the project status days - or more likely the project status day - virtually. On June, 23rd we met vie WebEx and our Intranet. The Intranet group will still be open untill the 23rd of July to enable a further exchange. Thank you for coming!

Solidarity of the University of Stuttgart with medical staff fighting corona infections: Scientists at the research campus ARENA2036 are producing protective visors instead of car parts with the support of industrial partners.

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The University of Stuttgart, the research campus ARENA2036 and the world-famous STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play invite you to the first SPEAKER SERIES at Campus Vaihingen. The first SPEAKER SERIES started on 14.02.2020 with a Silicon Valley legend: the founder of Plug and Play, Saeid Amidi. He caused a sensation with his early investments in Paypal, Google or even N26.

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