Investigation of a concept for non-contact distance measurement for the assembly of electric motors

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Clemens Obergfell

Projektkoordinator für das Opti-feel Projekt bei Mercedes Benz

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Jannik Lind

Forschungskoordinator bei ARENA2036 und Ansprechpartner vor Ort

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Precise assembly of the components of an electric motor is essential in order to meet the constantly increasing demands on torque and speed. Optical measurement technology is being used to investigate whether the required measurement tolerances can be achieved for the assembly of an upcoming generation of engines.

In the Opti-Feel project, various measurement concepts are being investigated with the aim of demonstrating them on a real engine.


Project structure

The project is planned to run for six months. During this period, the following partners will work together on the requirements analysis, design and demonstration of the optical measurement system.