Added value


Together, our members realize innovations faster thanks to efficient collaboration in an excellent ecosystem.

Added value for our partners

A unique platform

Research, development & innovation under one roof

The ARENA2036 building creates the ideal environment for new ideas. The open store floor enables unrestricted co-working between corporations, start-ups, SMEs and academia and offers shared, neutral ground on the campus of the University of Stuttgart.

Cooperation in an excellent ecosystem

Utilization of synergies at the interface between research and practice

Our network of globally established members develops its concentrated innovative strength thanks to cooperation at eye level. The exchange of knowledge between scientists and experts from industry promotes the transfer of applied basic research into industrial practice.

Efficient collaboration

Faster from the idea to the project

Our research campus promotes efficient collaboration thanks to unrestricted communication and the co-location of diverse expertise. Open project architectures offer the opportunity to build on and expand existing projects. In a protected space without barriers, but not without boundaries - the IP of our members is secure.

Innovation – powered by ARENA2036

Extensive support for our members

The goals of our members, our support: ARENA2036 Management supports goals, projects and cooperation within ARENA2036. Members benefit from the synergies and services that ARENA2036 Management identifies and implements.

Technological lead through innovation

Realizing groundbreaking innovations on site

At ARENA2036, pioneering innovations are implemented as part of an extensive ecosystem. Together with our members, we tap into disruption potential in order to realize innovations with the highest relevance. Close supervision of research projects and our wide-ranging expertise form the basis for this.

"ARENA2036 gives us the opportunity for successful collaboration with a variety of different companies – from start-ups to large corporations. This enables us to quickly develop and implement forward-looking and relevant use cases with potential partners and users. In addition, the Arena gives us an extended insight into future trends in automotive production and allows us to access groundbreaking key technologies at an early stage."

Dr. Thomas Meißner & Dr. Roland Schaefer

Head of Project and Consortia Management & Vice President Innovation

Balluff GmbH

"For us at Nokia, it is critical to work jointly with industry partners, universities and research institutes to make Industry 4.0 a reality. Our contribution is focused on connectivity: private wireless networks with 5G for industrial use cases and optical broadband connection with extremely low latencies."

Johannes Koppenborg

Research & Business Development Manager

Nokia Enterprise

"ARENA2036 is a unique hot spot of research, industry and entrepreneurship. A wide variety of disciplines, cultures and experiences come together creatively here, which always leads to exciting insights. I am therefore particularly pleased that our Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science has the opportunity to actively shape and contribute to this."

Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem

Head of Institute

Universität Stuttgart

Results of our ecosystem

Already Realized


A number of exciting projects have already been implemented on the ARENA2036 research campus - a small insight into the concentrated innovation potential of our members:

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