ARENA2036 is developing a demonstration and test environment for data spaces


Johannes Diemer

ARENA2036 e.V.


Dawn of data-space-based digital collaboration...

ARENA-X - Starting data-space-based value creation in the ARENA2036

Data space are the future of digital collaboration. With the results of Catena-X and the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) so far, a first base is ready for setting up a demonstration and test environment for data spaces in the ARENA2036. This can be used by all members. Anyone can take part, test their own use cases and experience the existing technologies in practice  - even outside the automotive industry.

This corresponds entirely to the idea of Manufacturing-X: establishing the approaches and technologies of Catena-X in the entire industry.

Experience and explore sovereign data exchange in data spaces

Working in networked data spaces is the future of digital collaboration. Two essential technologies interact here,

  • the Asset Administration Shell (AAS), developed by the initiative of the Industry 4.0 platform, and
  • the sovereign exchange of data via so-called data space connectors.

The architecture of the connectors was developed by Gaia-X and is implemented in Catena-X. The ARENA2036 is a partner of the Catena-X consortium. Now it is possible to gain the first practical experience and to understand how these new approaches are working and what they can deliver. For this puirpose we are building a demonstration and test environment for the use of data spaces in ARENA2036. The ARENA2036 will thus also become a location for a new form of digital collaboration.

Manufacturing-X ante portas – implementing Industry 4.0

Supply chains should be resilient, production should be efficient and climate-neutral, material cycles should be closed. Now it's no longer just about the internal improvement of individual companies, but about optimization across all partners in a value-added network. This only works if required data are shared across companies - securely and confidently. A realization that has been formulated since 2011 with the start of the Industry 4.0 initiative. A lot has happened since then:

  • The introduction and standardization of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS)
  • The concept and architecture of data sovereignty developed in Gaia-X, the collaborative European project aiming for secure, trusted data spaces
  • The first implementation project of GAIA X for automotive supply chains, Catena-X
  • The announcement of Manufacturing-X, a new funding program for the further development of previously created technologies for broad industrial application

With the ARENA-X initiative, we want to bring the technologies mentioned with their different implementations together in one place and create an "easy-to-use" environment for demonstrating, trying out and testing. In this way, data space approaches and technologies as well as standards can be easily learned, but also validated.

Automated orchestration (or technical onboarding) procedures should support the setting up of "proof of concepts". In addition, with the implementation of a project office, we will create the basis for the initiation and coordination of joint cross-company projects in an open cooperation network.

The objective of the two story lines is the transfer of the core technologies from Industry 4.0, Gaia-X and Catena-X for broad application in the entire industry.

The initiative is a cooperative network of members of ARENA2036, which will be financed by these companies. This initiativeis open to other partners.

Successful start on February 7th in the ARENA2036

The kick-off for this idea was on Tuesday, February 7th, in the ARENA2036. Over 80 participants were on site and have already expressed an interest in taking part. Read the report HERE.

Use the next opportunity to join on our meeting on May 31th, 2023 - then we can continue, gladly with other interested parties.