First Eclipse

Tractus-X Community Days

7-8 December 2023 at ARENA2036 e.V., Stuttgart.

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Heike Wohlfeld

ARENA2036 e.V.


Presentations and documents of the event

Eclipse Foundation: The Value of Open Collaboration

Michael Plagge, VP Ecosystem Delopment (Eclipse Foundation)


Documents of Stream 1:

The Eclipse Data Space Components - EDC

Stream 1 - Unterlagen (pdf)

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Documents of Stream 3:

Semantic Models and Asset Administration Shell

Presentation of Deep Dive and Workshop

Presentation: Charting new Data Spaces

Evelyn Gurschler, Tractus-X Committer


First Eclipse Tractus-X Community Days

On 7 and 8 December, the international Catena-X developer community came together in person for the first time at ARENA2036: Over 100 participants from around 40 companies, some even from Japan.

"Tractus-X" is the open source project for the Catena-X ecosystem. This is where the basic components are developed. Tractus-X is not only system-relevant for Catena-X: Manufacturing-X will also build on it.
This makes the community that works on it all the more important. Seeing how many people are actually involved has brought everyone together and strengthened their resolve. Including us organisers: not only the Catena-X Consortium and the Catena-X Association, but also the Eclipse Foundation, the world's largest collection of open source projects.

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It was worth being there

At this networking and coding event at ARENA2036, participants got the opportunity to come together live with the developer community and actively work in practical workshops to the topics "Eclipse Dataspace Components (EDC)", "Traceability KIT" and "Semantic Models and Asset Administration Shell" and exchange ideas with technical experts. In these hands-on sessions, the participants were able to gain deep insights into the Catena-X architecture and gain a lot of knowledge by trying it out in practice.  

Event video with interviews

That was the agenda

The Community Days offered short keynote speeches with highly interesting technical insights, deep dives for a practical introduction to open-source programming topics and, above all, workshops in which participants were able to get active and try things out for themselves. Stream 1 participants were able to set up a Minimum Tractus-X Dataspace (MXD) with three preconfigured EDCs, Managed Identity Wallet (MIW), keycloak and databases. Stream 2 used a design thinking format to give participants the opportunity to get familiar with the Supply Chain Act and familiarise themselves with the Traceability KIT. Stream 3 focussed on Digital Twins and the Administration Shell and provided participants with Digital Twin Registries for practical exercises. At the evening event on the first day there was lots of networking, talking until late into the night - and of course just having fun.  

Open here the Agenda of the First Eclipse Tractus-X Community Days as PDF file.

Day 1:

Day 2:

To be continued...

We were overwhelmed by the interest in the event and the positive feedback we received. Due to the strong demand, the event series will be continued:

The Second Eclipse Tractus-X Community Days will take place on 16th and the 17th May 2024 at the ARENA2036!

Inform and register here:

Information and registration for the Second Eclipse Tractus-X Community Days

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Presenters of the event

This is an Eclipse Tractus-X event, which takes place within the framework of the Catena-X Automotive Network consortium project (funding code: 13IK004*) and the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V.. ARENA2036 will host the event on its premises and contribute its data space activities (ARENA-X).