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Who we are

ARENA2036 stands for „Active Research Environment for the Next generation of Automobiles” and is one of nine research campi of the funding initiative "Research Campus – Public-Private Partnership for Innovations" in Germany. ARENA2036 is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is run as a registered association with members from science and industry. Our partners are active in various disciplines – from the automotive industry, aerospace technology, textile and materials research to industrial science. The funding initiative is planned for a total of 15 years divided into three phases of five years per phase. Currently, ARENA2036 is in the second funding phase.

What we do

The partners of ARENA2036 are key to the co-creative work on a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects. In this way, ARENA2036 brings together different professional perspectives, (working) cultures and approaches to work and complement each other. Based on excellent, interdisciplinary basic and applied research, disruptive and leap innovations in particular are to be produced and transferred to industry. Hence, ARENA2036 wants to make its contribution to the active shaping of work, mobility and production of the future in the context of digitization. Being located in Stuttgart, the focus is set on automobile and production, therefore the year 2036 – the 150th anniversary of the automobile – is being looked at.

Why we do it

In the long term, ARENA2036 contributes to strengthening the leading position of Baden-Württemberg and Germany in the automotive industry by establishing and linking the industrial sector with the sciences. The cooperation of all actors involved in the value chain under one roof facilitates the collaboration between SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), start ups and large companies. At project level, all participants contribute their competencies on an equal footing and regardless of their size, thus demonstrating their capabilities. As a result, the unique combination and networking of competencies continuously opens up new thematic areas, while at the same time strengthening scientific excellence and the training of young scientists and increasing the international visibility of the research and the industrial location.

How we do it

ARENA2036, as research campus of the future, is the innovation platform for cooperation between science and industry with a main focus on future mobility. This cooperation takes place directly in the versatile factory which serves as an open co-working space. The cooperation in heterogeneous project groups enables a transfer of competence beyond the boundaries of one's own company and institute, which has a lasting effect on creative and innovative project work. In this way, research results outside the established solution spaces become feasable and supported. There are three different project types: Joint projects, Focus projects and so-called Speedboats. The project types differ in project duration, consortium size, financing and scope.

ARENA2036 as a Research Factory

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The home of the research campus: The award-winning, industrial, flexible factory of the future as an open co-working space.

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„For me, ARENA2036 is a platform where creativity is born, ideas grow and finally find themselves in real products. Through cross-industry and cross-technology cooperation, a unique working atmosphere is created, which contributes to the success of projects and establishes connections.“

Peter Froeschle



"In ARENA2036, the focus is on people, as you can see every day from the wide range of networking possibilities. Because only together we can promote Germany as a business location. As a company, we benefit here particularly from the opportunity to test new technologies and their chances for future mobility and production.“

Bianca Jürgens

Virtual Reality Center, CoC Virtual- & Augmented-Reality

Daimler AG

"For us at Nokia, it is critical to work jointly with industry partners, universities and research institutes to make Industry 4.0 a reality. Our contribution is focused on connectivity: private wireless networks with 5G for industrial use cases and optical broadband connection with extremely low latencies."

Johannes Koppenborg

Research & Business Development Manager

Nokia Enterprise

"ARENA2036 is a unique hot spot of research, industry and entrepreneurship. A wide variety of disciplines, cultures and experiences come together creatively here, which always leads to exciting insights. I am therefore particularly pleased that our Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science has the opportunity to actively shape and contribute to this."

Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem

Head of Institute

University of Stuttgart