Bordnetze Digital 2024

ARENA2036 (Pfaffenwaldring 19, 70569 Stuttgart)

Abschlussveranstaltung - Verwaltungsschale für den Leitungssatz

ARENA2036 (Pfaffenwaldring 19, 70569 Stuttgart)

IZB (Transformations-Hub Leitungssatz)

Messe Wolfsburg


Messe Nürnberg

WirePro Expo 2024

Messe Luzern, Schweiz


ARENA2036 (Pfaffenwaldring 19, 70569 Stuttgart)

Third Eclipse Tractus-X Community Days

ARENA2036 (Pfaffenwaldring 19, 70569 Stuttgart)

„For me, ARENA2036 is a platform where creativity is born, ideas grow and finally find themselves in real products. Through cross-industry and cross-technology cooperation, a unique working atmosphere is created, which contributes to the success of projects and establishes connections.“

Peter Froeschle



"For us at Nokia, it is critical to work jointly with industry partners, universities and research institutes to make Industry 4.0 a reality. Our contribution is focused on connectivity: private wireless networks with 5G for industrial use cases and optical broadband connection with extremely low latencies."

Johannes Koppenborg

Research & Business Development Manager

Nokia Enterprise

"ARENA2036 is a unique hot spot of research, industry and entrepreneurship. A wide variety of disciplines, cultures and experiences come together creatively here, which always leads to exciting insights. I am therefore particularly pleased that our Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science has the opportunity to actively shape and contribute to this."

Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem

Head of Institute

University of Stuttgart